• November 27, 2021

Custom antibody services

SCL Biosciences division is a complete solution provider for antibody-based drug discovery. We offer services to our customers in Research, Lab scale production & Scale-up.

  • Custom Hybridoma development: Technical support in epitope designing, antigen selection and Hybridoma Development.

  • Polyclonal antibodies: Polyclonal antibody development in rabbits, goats & sheep..

  • Peptide synthesis: We offer peptide designing and synthesis.

  • Monoclonal antibody production: Bulk antibody production and hybridoma maintenance.

  • Antibodies for catalogue companies: SCL Biosciences, the preferred antibody supplier for catalogue companies.

  • Primary, secondary & matched pairs of antibodies: Primary antibody development in various host animals against target antigens.

  • Allied Services: ‚ÄúPurification, Elisa Development, Micro Arrays and Services allied to development of Antibodies.